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Short version: Health Partners is an amoral company - placing value of $$ over human life. Patient diligent in agreed payment plan over 21 months - never missed a payment.

HP accepted regular monthly payment on the same day they sent account to collections -- claims letters were sent to patient - patient never received collection letters nor are they stored in online account per patients communication preferences. HP has blocked patient from seeing primary care physician which is vital to managing medication adjustments recently prescribed by Mayo specialists for several critical health conditions. Have already had 1 ER visit due to condition being unstable. Billing office will do nothing.

Claims they "did everything legally they were required to do" - they claim to have followed "legal guidelines" but morally Health Partners is bankrupt! Their collections group is not any better. Willing to accept a partial payment that is double what patient had been paying (more than disposable income comfortably allows) but THAT STILL WILL NOT LIFT RESTRICTION TO PRIMARY PHYSICIAN. Denial to long-term primary care physician with medical history due to 10% policy has placed patient life at risk If patient condition worsens - which has been determined that it is changing for the worse and is currently not stable, there will be legal recourse sought against Health Partners.

Specialists have sepecific prescribed that patient see regular primary physician to ramp up new medication to more of a maintenance dose very quickly - patient is being denied this service because his current payment arrangements made with and agreed upon by Health Partners falls below 10% of the balance (just over $2,000) The 10% policy is a moving target and puts lives at risk. Apply the policy when it makes sense...when people are shirking their financial obligations NOT for accounts that have been consistently paying for nearly 2 years - never missing payment.

Just because you can (policy in place) DOES NOT mean you should - common decency MUST come back into our healthcare system. HEARTSICK –

Review about: Healthpartners Customer Care.

Reason of review: Other issue.

I didn't like: Rigid policy used as justification for denying medical care.

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Same rude customer service here. They take your money for care services that they refuse to supply.

Crooked place to be apart of, rude on the phone, refuse professional recommendations by qualified Physicians. Care nothing about the quality of the lives of their customers.

Crooks!! Not worth the effort to deal with.

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