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Appointment for annual physical. Eight charged listed on bill totalling $897!

Unknowingly tested for HIV and STD, but has never been sexually active! Charged $240 for this unrequested completely unnecessary testing! Charged also for two visits in one! Beware!

Charged $398 for preventative visit AND also $121 for a level 2 ten minute visit for the dr questions during the physical! Beware if you have an existing condition as HP will BILL FOR TWO VISITS DURING AN ANNUAL EXAM IF THEY ASK YOU ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT AN EXISTING CONDITION (including minor acne ... which this was for ... the dr only asked how she was doing and offered to write a referral!

Charging $121 for just that!) Attempts by the college girl to disputed the charges were verbally responded with an inability to correct it? This poor girl! Does HP take advantage of all unknowing naive clients? This girl had clearly stated during her visit that she only wanted what was covered under her insurance.

She didn't ask for or know she was being tested for diseases that she wasn't even exposed to ... she found out when she got the bill! HP (and other providers) need to clearly inform their clients regarding what is included in an annual physical and what is extra ... and they need to clearly identify what lab testing is being performed that is extra.

This is being written to inform others to ask questions and be clear about what services you are requesting and be careful to not allow your clinic to perform anything without your consent. An annual physical could cost you $897!

Review about: Healthpartners Sports Physical Medical Examination.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Been going around with them as well with the annual physical, got this delightful message:"If your doctor provides services outside the scope of a routine health visit, such as providing medical recommendations or ordering tests to diagnose or treat a medical concern, those additional services are not routine preventive care and it would be appropriate for the doctor's office to bill separately for those charges."Silly me expecting an appointment scheduled as a physical to not be billed as such if I have the gall to ask about any concerns I might have. I'm sure it serves it's purpose well to catch and prevent more costly issues down the road if I have to tell my doctor to f-off because I don't want to eat a bill for a 5 minute question.

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